purity in Folie a Dupe
13th Aug 2019, 12:42 AM
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Author Notes:
13th Aug 2019, 12:42 AM


this comic features a more in-depth acknowledgment of the inner world's structure... it's also the first comic with contra.

the house itself is composed of memories rooms. i moved around every year or 2 through my childhood, if not more, not to mention the times where i would just get tossed into a different guardian's lap for a while... so it's not surprising to me that there wouldn't be one concrete kind of home. the unconscious activation and deactivation of recall info in the brain usually causes walls and rooms associated with certain memories to open and close in a natural way that doesn't conflict with normal navigation or require you to open walls. there is usually a door unless the wall was "locked" by someone with a specific memory. if you know the memory then you can unlock the wall. for this reason, the sharing of memories in detail between parts is a large gesture of vulnerability, because it means it's one less way you can lock someone out in the future.

dupe seems to be the one who knows how to manipulate the house's structure the most.
in the tender mercies strip, they demonstrate the wall-closing method, obviously, but something they also demonstrated was constructing a lengthy, foreboding hallway peppered with accessible doorways to various rooms and memories.
while it's probably only obvious to me as the person who interacts with the environment regularly, it's a huge flex to alter the structure of the house and maintain it to such a degree, like saying, "i remember more than you, so i know more than you do, so i'm better than you."

... there are some other elements of the setting that didn't really get drawn in detail in the tender mercies strip or this one... like the photo frames are there, but the photos are just vague, fuzzy scribbles. the windows show either blank white or black, or some projection of an outside that never changes, and doesn't actually emit light or let in fresh air. the tv's don't turn on. rooms and halls tend to be either dark or lit by a light source that doesn't seem to actually exist, depending on how emotionally open the part remembering the area is feeling.
oh, and the bedroom door at the end of the hallway in tender mercies featured a stop sign that i never actually drew out all the way, but it was one modified by my wife for me that said "straight people STOP" in real life. it was one of the few times i actually had a bedroom. many times i was just told to sleep on the floor or couch in the living room... many of the rooms that were actually mine seem to be "dupe's rooms."

anyway, it's been neat watching how long a new room takes to integrate into The House, now that i am more aware of how it works and what it is. it seems like most new places take several years to become additional elements.